Poetry of the Yellow Mountain

Thirty six strange peaks, Immortals with black top knots. Morning sun strikes the tree tops, Here in this sky mountain world. Chinese people, raise your faces! For a thousand years cranes come and go. Far off I spy a firewood gatherer, Plucking sticks from stone crevices. -Li Bai “Dawn Vista On Huangshan” There are some […] "Continue reading"

Discovering Tunxi

A wall of gold has been mounted on Shu brocade. Craftsmen from Wu collect spare change To pay tribute to the abundance of a myriad of families. The watchtowers of the city rise to great heights. The bustling scene is truly impressive. It is a chance to explore vestiges of bygone days. -excerpt from a […] "Continue reading"

Dumplings, unite!

It all started with a wooden table in an alley: square, unadorned, pressed up against a cement wall. It wobbled a bit on the uneven cobbles. Somewhere nearby, a game of mahjong- the soft clinking of tiles echoed faintly on the evening air. Wisps of a forgotten dream, sounds from another time. I imagined the […] "Continue reading"