A Long and Winding Road

  The Blue Ridge Parkway is like a great winding snake through the trees, past endless vistas where the mountains seem to recede into infinity.  "Continue reading"

Wander | Asheville

Mountains crowded with trees- their leaves rustling on the edges of winding roads that loop back and forth across our map like they were drawn by somebody with a slightly skewed sense of how, exactly, to get from point A to B. "Continue reading"

Wander | Richmond (part 1)

I had a friend in college that just couldn’t understand why anyone would want to live on the east coast.  She was from California, and we were busy expanding our minds in New England at the time.  I clearly remember her saying: “there are too many old buildings.  It creeps me out.”  I had never […] "Continue reading"

Two Tickets to Paradise

This is what January feels like in the Philippines, I thought, as our  boat motored across a perfect expanse of blue toward the little island of Cabilao.  The January place we had just left with its grey and ice and bundled clothing literally melted away. Blue sky, blue water, warm skin, a thousand dancing diamonds […] "Continue reading"

Wander | Seoul

It is hard to believe that it has been a whole 2 years since our toes first touched down on the Korean peninsula. In that strange and mysterious way that time has of expanding and contracting it has felt simultaneously much longer, yet somehow contained in the blink of an eye. I love those beginning […] "Continue reading"


  Where is the place where two rivers meet?  Dumulmeori… Two watery heads converge, making one.  Liquid expanse meets distant mountain, and all around a sea of green.  Lotus, lotus, everywhere… "Continue reading"

Gwangjang Market

We entered the market and walked straight into a tide of kinetic energy. A steady buzz, A jostling of elbows. Nimble fingers press dough into perfectly shaped mandu. "Continue reading"


High above. Gaze out and over the city. Hundreds of buildings rise up- repeating patterns of grey and white blocks. It feels bustling, even from here. Not far beyond: the soft blue of mountain silhouettes. "Continue reading"

Mae Sa Waterfall Picnic

The smell of fresh lime filling the air. The rhythmic motions of the mortar and pestle smooshing and mixing, smooshing and mixing. "Continue reading"