A Long and Winding Road

  The Blue Ridge Parkway is like a great winding snake through the trees, past endless vistas where the mountains seem to recede into infinity.  "Continue reading"

Wander | Asheville

Mountains crowded with trees- their leaves rustling on the edges of winding roads that loop back and forth across our map like they were drawn by somebody with a slightly skewed sense of how, exactly, to get from point A to B. "Continue reading"

Wander | Richmond (part 1)

I had a friend in college that just couldn’t understand why anyone would want to live on the east coast.  She was from California, and we were busy expanding our minds in New England at the time.  I clearly remember her saying: “there are too many old buildings.  It creeps me out.”  I had never […] "Continue reading"

Into the Woods | Lemon Thyme S’mores

  All good things are wild and free. -Henry David Thoreau I grew up in  a small town in a valley between a river and a plateau on the outskirts of the Adirondack park.  As a teenager I did my best to rebel against the confines of the village limits.  We all know that in […] "Continue reading"