Diving in Khao Lak

We had planned our trip to Thailand to end with a few days of fun in the sun and and some well needed time under the ocean. The scuba diving hot spots in Thailand are too numerous to count, spanning both the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, and are home to some of […] "Continue reading"

A little dinner with your Hong Thong?

The more time we spent in Thailand, the more obvious it became that the best way to find a great place to eat was to follow your nose, and look for┬áthe red and blue plastic chairs. Seemingly synonymous with ‘delicious’ all across the country, it took us little time to figure out that where we […] "Continue reading"

Feeding Frenzy at Chang Phuaek

A few dozen food stalls clustered together on the north side of Chiang Mai, whisking up delicious Thai food to order?! We wouldn’t dream of missing out… Chang Phuaek Market in Chiang Mai, commonly referred to as the North Gate Market, is a wonderful place "Continue reading"

Mae Sa Waterfall Picnic

The smell of fresh lime filling the air. The rhythmic motions of the mortar and pestle smooshing and mixing, smooshing and mixing. "Continue reading"

For the Love of Elephants

A plethora of beautiful temples. Night markets filled with delicious selections of the local cuisine. Waterfalls, mountains… It is easy to understand why Chiang Mai is a hugely popular stop on any traveler’s Thailand itinerary. Mix in the more adventurous options like zip lining, jungle trekking, and off-track dirt bike expeditions and there is surely […] "Continue reading"

A Lazy Day by the Lake

It was a meltingly hot day, and there was no way that we were ever going to entertain thoughts -no matter how fleeting- of doing anything that required any sort of exertion. Just stepping out of the cool oasis of our hotel seemed daunting. "Continue reading"

Thannatee Boutique Hotel: Chiang Mai’s Little Slice of Paradise

Tucked away on a side street just a few minutes walk from the south gate of Chiang Mai’s Old Town is the Thannatee Boutique Hotel. Step out of the heat and away from the rattling motors of the motorbikes, tuk tuks, and songathew that characterize the city and walk straight into a little slice of […] "Continue reading"

Cruising the Handicraft Highway

In my head I had been imagining a single lane road on the outskirts of town. A winding road, possibly dirt, flanked with lush greenery, and lined with small booths where local artisans were selling their wares. Little open air shops stocked with lacquerware, silk, Celadon pottery, and ornate silver- all with nearby workshops allowing […] "Continue reading"

How far would you go… for a cup of coffee?

I love coffee. I love the moments of contemplation found between sips of a deliciously dark brew. I love magic spots in foreign places, suddenly made familiar with a single cup. It’s powerful stuff. A fuel. It generates, and it brings together. So when I got wind of a Hmong Village somewhere way up and […] "Continue reading"

What Wat?

Chiang Mai, founded in 1296, and the one time capital of the Kingdom of Lanna (currently the capital of Chiang Mai Province) is home to a mind boggling number of Buddhist temples. Over 300, to be vaguely exact. Each wat is unique, and many are easily accessible by foot, located within the moated confines of […] "Continue reading"