Two Tickets to Paradise

This is what January feels like in the Philippines, I thought, as our  boat motored across a perfect expanse of blue toward the little island of Cabilao.  The January place we had just left with its grey and ice and bundled clothing literally melted away. Blue sky, blue water, warm skin, a thousand dancing diamonds […] "Continue reading"

The Magic of Malapascua (part 2)

As we surveyed the rubble through the barbed-wire fence, the whole while nursing our warm beers, Josephine recounted the story of how her house was lost to a massive storm. "Continue reading"

The Magic of Malapascua (part 1)

Sometimes when you arrive at a place, you find that it is full of magic.  It is not necessarily filled with ancient structures to be revered, or dazzling skylines as a testament to the clever engineering capabilities of its humans.  The place may not be studded with snow topped mountains, awe inspiring waterfalls, or pristine […] "Continue reading"