Swirly Pat Bbang & other musings…

  Flavours collect like memories.  They are powerful conjurors that dance on the lips and the tip of the tongue.  I am an amalgamation of everything I have ever eaten.  A stew.  A mélange.  "Continue reading"

Gwangjang Market

We entered the market and walked straight into a tide of kinetic energy. A steady buzz, A jostling of elbows. Nimble fingers press dough into perfectly shaped mandu. "Continue reading"

Bukchon Son Mandu

There are a few iconic dishes that one shouldn’t leave Korea without trying…one of them is the beloved dumpling called mandu. Steamed mandu (찐만두), fried mandu(튀김만두), meat mandu (고기 만두), kimchi mandu (김치만두), wang mandu(왕만두), or jjinppang mandu (찐빵만두)… "Continue reading"

Birthplace of Budaejjigae

Food always has a story to tell. Like magic, certain smells, flavours, and meals have the power to transport us through time and space. Whether it is a fleeting snapshot from personal memory that is evoked; or a larger, more encompassing tale that describes a culture, or colours a country and its people. Food is […] "Continue reading"

Destination: Bibimbap

People are not joking when they tell you that South Koreans love festivals. Every season boasts an array of celebrations taking place all over the country. Omija, medicinal herbs, body painting, makjeoli, azaelas…the list goes on. I will start by stating that not every festival is created equal, "Continue reading"